Power tools are versatile mechanical or electrical devices suitable for use in heavy industrial tasks to small-scale businesses to household chores.They serve as great utility tools to almost all the major industries in the world namely, Fabrication, Wood-working, Automotive, Construction, Shipbuilding and Railroad ,Telecommunication, Transportation, Aviation, Healthcare, Defence,Home etc.

You may be a professional,looking for power tools for industrial activities or a layman looking to use them for personal use.Our wide range of Foster power tools serve a specific purpose for your specific needs. Glance through the various options and categories available with us and choose what suits you best.

Power Tools for Woodworking Industry

Woodworking industry is where any other industry lays its dependence upon.Success for any industry is not possible without an efficient backing from a woodworking industry and thus at Foster Power Tools we realise the importance of providing premium quality woodworking tools for an unmatched user experience.

The USP of a woodworking tool is the versatility it has.Along with its application in big industries,they also find their utilization by a home user and a beginner.However many beginners trying to get started in woodworking take one look at their budget and worry how they can afford to buy a whole shop full of power tools to get started.Fortunately, now one doesn't have to spend a fortune to get started.Foster offers a wide range of woodworking power tools to its customers at an unbelievable pocket friendly prices.

Ranging from a woodworking Drill Machine to an Electric Planer to a Compound Saws or to an highly efficient Plunge Router and much more,Foster is gradually becoming a one stop destination for the demands of any woodworking industry.

Application in Construction Industry

Tools have been integral to the construction of buildings, from the earliest use of timber, bone, antler, stone and so on for cutting, scraping, chopping, hammering and moving, to the development of modern power tools enabling construction activities to be performed more quickly and accurately or with fewer people.

In an industry like that of a construction,where work load is massive and time for completion is very limited , it is important that the correct tools are available to carry out the work,otherwise there may be delays, or attempts to carry out the works with an inappropriate tool that can cause damage or safety issues.

At Foster,we understand the exact needs and requirements of such a complexly placed industry and thus we keep our focus on following parameters to ensure superior utilization of our products :

  • Quality.
  • Safety.
  • Weight.
  • Storage.
  • Duration of use.
  • Comfort of use (such as grip, balance, vibration and so on).
  • Power and fuel requirements.
  • Maintenance and breakdowns.
  • After sale services.

Application in automotive industry

Automotive tools are the devices, which are used for carrying out various jobs.These mechanical equipment perform one or more specific functions like repairing, cleaning,drilling, polishing, sanding, gripping, tightening, tuning, painting, welding and holding different parts of the automobile. They can be operated either manually or electronically.

Automotive power tools have been helping mechanics and freelancers tackle many different projects over the years.Benefits of having automotive power tools include repairing several issues with less effort than it would take using hand tools.

With Foster power tools wide range you can find just the right kind of tools and accessories that suit your needs and work without spending fortune from your pocket.

Complete Home use range for DIY Enthusiasts

Power tools are crucial when it comes to DIY projects.Every DIY enthusiast knows that it takes more than the material for upcycling, or wood bought at the hardware to create a wonderful piece. Your work will never be possible without some tools that come handy and useful. Though it depends on what project a user is working on, he uses various tools to achieve hsi desired DIY outcome.

At Foster,We give you a range of tools that you can have in order to work efficiently and speedily and can thus successfully complete small household chores and repairs on your own without the need of any specialized assistance.

- And many more such industries.

Foster power tools are meant to cater the demands and needs of every industry.It is our continuous endeavour to meet such demands and to feed them with the essentials at an affordably low-price.