Something About us

“If You Want To Walk Fast, Walk Alone. If You Want To Walk Far, Walk Together.”
                                                 -Ratan Tata

About Us

Foster Power Tools & Abrasives, established in 2013, is a manufacturer,importer and exporter of Power Tools,Abrasives & Spares providing widest possible and ever increasing range of power tools.

As the brand name suggests,the company believes in Encouraging and Fueling the Development of its customers.

Foster Power Tools aims to provide Premium Quality tools at an Affordable price to its users hence empowering the users across the pyramid i.e from a Home D-I-Y enthusiast to a highly skilled Technician to a daily wage Craftsman.

The products find application in various industries such as Fabrication, Wood-working, Automotive, Construction, Shipbuilding and Railroad Industry etc.

The company provides a range of top-of-the-line products, reasonably priced spare parts,abrasives and accessories with a chain of knowledgeable service professionals and a Pan-India Dealer Network.

Quality Assured

Since its inception, it has been the company’s endeavour to Equip its customers with the most advanced technology conforming to the highest international standards at the most competitive prices. Also the company finds pride for itself in the satisfaction and happiness of its customers and thus have carved a niche for itself in After Sales Support Pan India. It desires a complete trust of its customers, assuring the fact that it will always deliver with unwavering accuracy.

Manufactured with a strict compliance to Highest Global Quality Standards, the Tools are designed to provide best customer experience and thus the Quality and Precision that Foster offers has made it stand out from others.

Achievements and Vision

Company’s working methodologies have fetched it great accolades from all across the country and also from international markets and it wishes to continue on similar lines incorporating newer technologies and wider range of products in the segment thus keeping the customers technological updated.

Also the company is well-positioned for the future. It sees opportunities for growth in the country, in emerging markets and in the Online Market in particular – The company has seen an exponential growth ever since its inception both in Online as well as in Offline markets thus getting the opportunity of serving to each and every customer.